Rent a hotel in Marrakech and discover the country’s gardens

Sultana Marrakech
Morocco has been showing itself for a few years now as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Many tourists come to the island every year to discover its riches and share them with their loved ones. Morocco’s riches are of many kinds: natural, cultural, culinary, artistic and even traditional. By visiting a hotel in Marrakech of the caliber of the Sultana, we have all the leisure to realize the wonders that the country offers. As far as gardens are concerned, the climate has a great role to play, but the work of men has played a major role in the country’s development.

The importance of gardens in Morocco

Among the elements that make Morocco a beautiful country, worth discovering, we can count history, monuments, but also culture. Of all these parameters, gardens are a strength of the whole country and an important factor. In addition to being beautiful, the gardens are well maintained and reflect the consideration that Moroccans give to nature and its environment. Numerous green spaces and gardens are found around the hotels in Marrakech. The fact that Moroccans protect their environment is consistent with international environmental concerns. In addition, gardens and green spaces contribute to the beautification of cities, which is called sustainable urban planning. For centuries, humans have taken the trouble to change the environment and landscapes that make up our cities. With technology and innovation, new techniques of soil treatment have emerged, as well as new plant species, which are sometimes created by humans, thanks to hybridization techniques. There are exhibitions devoted to plants in the world and Morocco.

Whether in a hotel in Marrakech or in another city, or in another country, the development of a garden depends heavily on the soil and climate around it. However, another factor that comes into play in the maintenance of gardens is the culture that prevails in the area where the garden is planted, just as it did in the past. The garden is the result of several criteria: culture, history, geography, nature and the physical environment. In Morocco, there is a certain climatic diversity which results in the diversity of landscapes. So there are forests, deserts, etc. Gardeners have the opportunity to let their imagination run wild. That’s why we find in Morocco, pleasure gardens and report gardens. Sometimes, gardeners mix different styles and hybrid gardens are created. With all the gardens in the country, artists have inspiration, whether photographers, painters or even musicians. Experience has shown that gardens not only benefit artists and tourists, but also create jobs around them.